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Edinburgh Reflections Book


Edinburgh Reflections Photography Book by David Springford

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SIZE: 148mm x 210mm (A5 landscape) with gatefold cover. The inside cover (contents) features an illustrated image of Edinburgh's skyline. The back inside cover features an illustrated map of Edinburgh with walking guide.

68 page, 61 high quality Black & White Photographs, 3 Illustrations with text supporting each landmark in Edinburgh. City centre map and walking guide included.

ISBN: 978-0-9566573-0-5

Published by More Than Image

Book on Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city famous around the world but one which can still surprise. EDINBURGH REFLECTIONS book about Edinburgh looks at Edinburgh from a slightly different angle – familiar sights and landmarks but not as we're used to seeing them. 

Changing seasons show well-known monuments in a fresh light while less well-known aspects of Scotland's Capital are given new prominence. 

Allow the photographs to lead you through Edinburgh's streets, up its hills and along its coast from the comfort of an armchair or be inspired to create your own images and memories when you explore the city for yourself.

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